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Rules of Engagement

Respect the house! Please follow these rules so that you don’t get 86’d from future

-No re-entry. Once you are in you are in - no smoke breaks - Everyone is welcome
to Vape on either floor.
Entry to the Speakea
sy is through the parking lot of the Mayfair Hotel: 115 E 3rd St, Pomona, CA
This is a private event and we need all patrons in house to be on a RSVP list; no one is allowed
without being on our list unfortunately. We apologize now for any inconvenience this may cause.
The menu is curated for a reason, we will not deviate from the offerings, so don’t ask!
Please check out the menu on the square 

 - Cocktails and Boilermakers upstairs and downstairs - All Beers and RTD’s available on both floors - Food Menu
available on both floors.
Please make sure to close out your tab on each floor - we don’t have the ability to
combine checks - We will only split checks two ways - Please be prepared
Trashing, vandalizing, littering, or destruction to the venue in any form will not be tolerated -
Stealing of our property is a huge offense and will not be tolerated
Respect all patrons while in speakeasy mode - some people just want to chat, some people
want to drink, some want to play pool - no harm no foul - just be respectful and all is well.
Pay your tab! Any unpaid tabs will be subject to a 20% gratuity.
If you need to be escorted out or need help home please advise the bar staff - we will get you
home safe.
We reserve the right to refuse serving beverages to anyone or cut anyone off - please
understand we want everyone to have a good time but also be safe.
Play hard! But plan ahead - Please understand that we are not liable for any cars being towed.
- please make sure to park in an appropriate location, if ubering home.


Bar Manager
Pedro Barriga

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